Our History & Legacy

Blessed to belong to a golden heritage.

Late Shri Madho Prasad Ji
1906 - 1962

Pioneers since beginning

It all came into existence with the visionary common man, Late Shri Madho Prasad Ji. Born in 1906, Madho Prasad Ji was a simple, illiterate man, with dreams that would go on to define a whole era of entrepreneurship and business in coming times.

He started with his own laboratory and small-time tobacco business. The initial days tested his grit and will to the brim when he used to go from shop to shop to sell the products. With uncompromised dedication, the firm grew into a distributorship and it was not long before Nandooram Khedanlal Tobacco was a national name. It was during these times when the seed of economic brilliance and understanding of the common man boomed to their fullest in the family, a trait which echoes in our veins till today.

Under his guidance and commendable business leadership, Nandooram Khedanlal went on to become a pan India brand of quality tobacco. Exhibiting utmost respect for the National interests, the firm developed operations and standard operating procedures related to moving of raw materials and production-related taxes. Although it was essentially a family business, yet the corporate organization and smooth operations are something still remembered.

A Glorious Past

We hail from a family with a long history of participating in the Indian Freedom Struggle and setting up some of the first business standards in Northern India. The cyclostyle printed newspaper ‘Ranbhedi’ was one of our earliest attempts to spread the nationalistic message to the population of North India. Stalwarts like Chandrashekar Azad and several freedom fighters were often staying at our ancestral home.

Slowly, as India’s stronghold over the British strengthened, we were one of the first business houses to gain national importance. Nandooram Khedanlal Tobacco opened up offices and headquarters in almost all the present day metros back then. For decades, it has been our mission to serve and empower the common man through our products, offerings, policies, and efforts.

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