The Present

A golden past, and a vision to drive us.

We are one of the pioneer and leading builders in Varanasi, and a harbinger in providing low cost housing without compromising quality. Today, the group's projects are specifically designed and adorn strategic points in the city: as projects with uncompromising construction standards and matchless beauty. We provide all the luxurious modern facilities and lively environment at very affordable price.

With an experience of almost 25 years in this field, we are proudly furthering the legacy endowed upon us by our prodigious ancestors. Our experience, social roots and heritage have allowed to prosses the strong financial credentials and stability and have ensured us a reputation to reckon with. It's a reputation that we love living up to. The hallmark of the group is that it pays attention even to small details so that it can provide customers with hassle free houses which are hard to find in a competitive real estate market like ours. At present over 500 families are living their dreams, in homes we built for them.

Our Values

We are a company which firmly believes in endowing its values in every project, partnership and decision we make.
For the Common Man

Every common man, whomsoever we can benefit, we shouldThat’s why the product is within reach of the common manAffordable housingBringing the best of luxury in affordable homes

Integrity Above Everything

National interestCommon man deserves toknow Commitment Trust Transparency Law abidingCredibility is like a city. It is not built in a day.

Commitment to Quality

Always use the best in class materialsOur choices are going to last with the home owners for a long time and thus we make the best of efforts to enhance their experience

We Have Been Recognized

We are a company which firmly believes in endowing its values in every project, partnership and decision we make.

Roma builders & promoters is a company that stands totally on the trust placed on it by its valued patrons. The company returns this trust by continuously building new edifices that carry the indelible mark of perfection. Illustrious architects and engineer work behind the scene to ensure all projects have abundant ventilation, natural lighting and other essential amenities. Projects are completed on time; spot on possession is a major attraction that has endeared the company to a host of its trusted customers.

Roma Builders & Promoters Pvt. Ltd is the first company in Eastern UP, which got the first project of the Prime Minister Urban Housing Scheme, in this region.

Some Milestones in our Journey

1989 : Varanasi’s first multi-storied housing project on a Non Ceiling land.

1999 : Varanasi’s first Swimming Pool introduced in a housing project.

2009 : Varanasi’s first Terrace Pool introduced in multi-storied housing project.

2009 : Varanasi’s first to receive 2.5 FAR (Floor area Ratio).

2009 : Varanasi’s first multi-storied residential project to have Service Lift (For Stretcher).

2012 : Varanasi’s first to introduce B+G+14 storied building (Tallest in eastern UP).

2012 : Varanasi’s first to receive 3.75 FAR (Floor Area Ratio).

2013 : Varanasi’s first to introduce Affordable Housing.

2014 : Varanasi’s first to introduce a park of more than 2,000 sqm.

2014 : Varanasi’s first to introduce Water Park in a housing project.

2014 : Varanasi’s first to introduce 60’ long Fountain in a housing project.

2017 : Launching Varanasi’s First Duplex Penthouses.

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